SDD Spa. Collects 2 important and historical realities of the sector and is itself part of the Genagricola Spa Group.
SDD SPA with its own social reasons operates in the following sectors:
– Production and marketing of seeds and bulbs
– Production and marketing of fertilizers, substrates and terrines
– Production and marketing of pet food
– Marketing of insecticides and plant care products
– Marketing of items and equipment for the garden

This wide range of products and articles makes our company unique in the Italian market, and represents the key to our success.
To be a “quality” company SDD SPA has decided to reiterate its key values ​​and concentrate its forces in pursuing the following general objectives:
• Propose and produce quality and consolidated articles and products.
• Be present through specific distribution networks both in large and medium-small distribution
• Customize the items according to the requests and specific uses by the customer.
• Evade orders quickly keeping in stock a reasoned availability of semi-finished components and items, also depending on the seasonality of the same.
• Provide prompt responses to the customer
• Research and maintain continuous improvement of company performance and its products.
• Ensure compliance with the binding legislation both at product and company level (Safety at Work, Respect for the Environment, Anti-Corruption Behavior).

In order to achieve the objectives indicated above, SDD SPA proposes to:
• Ensure and improve the traceability of the activities carried out.
• Pursue continuous improvement of the structure by defining tasks and responsibilities of human resources
• Promote the growth of people, the key and engine of a correct work organization.
• Establish relationships with suppliers able to meet the same objectives.
• Pursue the satisfaction of all customers of SDD Spa.
• Establish, on an annual basis, targeted and measurable goals on which to engage the company personnel at any level.

With a view to continuous improvement (as an essential key to allow SDD SPA to maintain its competitiveness in the various sectors in which it operates), this Policy will be subject to revision in the annual review by the Management and will be disseminated through exposure in bulletin board and communication to all the people who work and will work in collaboration with the company.
The Policy will also be made available to the public through the company website.